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Conservation in Socio-Ecological Systems - CSES
Invasion Ecology

Vladimíra Dekanová

External Collaborator

Aquatic insect Length-mass relationships Plant litter decomposition Plant invasion Eutrophication

I received a Ph.D. in Ecology and Biodiversity Protection from the Technical University in Zvolen (TUZVO), Slovakia in 2020 and I am currently working at the Technical University in Zvolen, Slovakia. I am a Junior Researcher at the University of Technical University in Zvolen and a Guest Researcher at the cE3c in the Conservation in Socio-Ecological Systems RG. My research focuses on aquatic insect and their length-mass relationships, live cycles and biomass; plant litter decomposition by macroinvertebrate community and human impact on this process (plant invasion and eutrophication).
For many years I have been involved in freshwater ecosystems research using as model system aquatic insect larvae.

Currently, I am collaborating on two projects - (1) „Temperature and nutrient interactions in aquatic ectotherms: individuals, populations and communities at latitudinal edges” at cE3c under the supervision of Dr. Bruno M. Carriera and (2) "Aliens among us: spatio-temporal dynamics of plant invasions and their adverse impact on ecosystems" at TUZVO under the supervision of Dr. Marek Svitok.
My current research is driven by three overarching objectives: (1) to assess the impacts of invasive plant species on freshwater ecosystems, (2) to estimate length-mass relationships of aquatic macroinvertebrates from Portugal and (3) to understand the effects of temperature and nutrient interactions on ectotherms and study aspects related to the physiology and the behaviour of these organisms.



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