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Evolutionary Ecology - EE
Evolutionary Ecology of Microorganisms

Teresa Nogueira


Bacterial genomics and metagenomics Evolution Antibiotic resistance Bacterial virulence Bioinformatics Veterinary and animal health

I received a PhD in Physiology and Genetics of Microorganisms (Specialization in Genes, Genomes and Cells) from Paris-Sud University in France in 2001.

I am a researcher at INIAV - National Institute of Agrarian and Veterinary Research, at the Bacteriology and Mycology Lab and at the Centre for Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Changes at the University of Lisbon, at the Evolutionary Ecology of Microorganisms team.

My scientific goal is to understand the evolutionary dynamics of antibiotic resistance and bacterial virulence in the human and animal gut, as well as in environmental microbiomes. I also aim at understanding the antibiotic resistance profile of microbial communities in aquatic environments and food-producing animals as part of the one-health concept. To achieve these goals, I perform large-scale genomic and metagenomic analyses of microbiomes

I also teach bioinformatics in doctoral programs and engage in outreach and science communication activities to promote scientific literacy in biological evolution. In this context, I am a member of the scientific associations EvoKE (Evolutionary Knowledge for Everybody) and APBE (Portuguese Association of Evolutionary Biology) deeply involved in promoting understanding and acceptance of evolution by the public.



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