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Plant, lichen and fungi systematics, biogeography & conservation genetics
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Susana Fontinha

Senior Technician

I received a Ph.D. in Plant Biology (Systematics and Ecology) from the University of Lisbon (FC-UL/ Science Faculty of Lisbon University) in 2005 and I’ m currently working in the Natural History and Systematics Research Group (NHS) of cE3c.

Since 2016 I’m the General Director of Direção Regional do Ordenamento do Território e Ambiente (DROTA) a governmental body of Madeira Autonomous Region, responsible for the environment and land planning.

Former Director of the Botanic Garden of Madeira (1994-2001) and of the Nature Park of Madeira Service (2002-2008).

Since 1989 I belong to permanent personnel at Madeira governmental bodies linked to biodiversity conservation approaches.

For many years I have been involved in island research using as model system the Macaronesian islands and in particular Madeira.

I currently collaborate with projects related to the flora of Madeira and other Atlantic Islands; developing studies concerning taxonomy, vegetation, ecology, considering biogeographical as well as conservation approaches. 


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