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Sofia Mendes

PhD Student

Population genomics Demographic history Speciation Freshwater fish Introgression

I am conducting a PhD in Evolutionary Biology (Biology doctoral programme) at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon starting in 2019 within the Evolutionary Genetics (EG) group of cE3c, under the supervision of Vitor Sousa (cE3c), Philine Feulner (EAWAG, Switzerland) and Carla Sousa Santos (MARE – ISPA, Portugal). My main research interests are speciation and hybridization. I am particularly interested in how hybridization can affect the speciation process and facilitate adaptation to different environments. In my PhD I am investigating these questions using freshwater fish (genus Squalius) as a model system. Using genome-wide data, the main goals of my project are: (1) to identify cases of hybridization between these species and investigate if there is a correlation between those and geographical /environmental variables; (2) search for a potential adaptive role of introgression and (3) investigate and map potential genetic incompatibilities and its effects on the gene expression of hybrids


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