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Environmental Stress & Functional Ecology - ESFE

Sergio Chozas Vinuesa


Biodiversity change indicators Plant community ecology Plant taxonomy Sand dunes Wood pastures

I am a biologist with broad interests in Plant community ecology, and in particular with the flora of Mediterranean semiarid environments. I completed my PhD in Ecology in 2016 by the University of Lisbon within the ESFE (Environmental Stress & Functional Ecology) research group of cE3c. During my PhD I studied the spatial and successional dynamics of stabilized dune xerophytic shrubs in SW Portugal.

I am interested in the development of sustainable management strategies in cork (Quercus suber) and holm (Q. rotundifolia) oak wood pastures (Montados/Dehesas), particularly including the conservation of small natural features such as rocky outcrops or shrub patches as a cost-effective solution capable of increasing biodiversity and promoting the ecosystem services of these agroforestry systems.

I am currently secretary of the board of the Botanical Society of Portugal (SPBotânica) and an active Citizen Science energizer and facilitator of the biodiversity research community in Portugal.


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