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Rui Miguel dos Santos Mendes Carvalho

PhD Student

Recreation Ecology Tourism Azores

I am now working as Ph.D. student with a Grant from Azores 2020 for the Project "An integrative approach to evaluate the impact of nature touristic trails on biodiversity" under supervision of Prof. Paulo A.V. Borges (Univ of Azores), Prof. Pedro Cardoso (Finnish Museum of Natural History, University of Helsinki) and Doutor Artur Gil (Univ. of Azores).

I’m a PhD student funded by he Azorean government and based in the University of the Azores (Portugal). My focus is on the exciting and relatively new field of Recreation Ecology – study of the environmental consequences of outdoor recreation/nature-based tourism activities and their effective management. My thesis aims to explore the impact that pedestrian trails located in Azorean Laurel Forest cause on this ecosystem’s integrity. With this information, together with manipulative experiments where I will test some trail maintenance solutions, I will use Agent Based Modeling tools to predict the impact deriving from different degrees of touristic pressure and of different trail management options.

I am also currenty part of the LIBRe Laboratory for Integrative Biodiversity Research - a multidisciplinary group working under the Finnish Museum of Natural History – University of Helsinki, that focuses on ecology, biogeography, conservation biology and artificial intelligence.

In the previous years I was a Grant student of the Projects "NETBIOME - ISLANDBIODIV between 2012 and 2015" and "MACDIV - Macaronesian Islands as a testing ground to assess biodiversity drivers at multiple scales" in 2016, and I am maintaining a collaboration within these projects.


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