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Local adaptation in Drosophila

Miguel Cisneiros e Faria Lourenço

MSc Student

Bioinformatics Evolution Population Genetics Conservation Integrative Biology

I have graduated in Bioinformatics from the Barreiro School of Technology (Polytechnic of Setubal) in 2021. My curricular internship was carried at KULeuven (BE), on Bioinformatics applied to Evo-Devo Biology, with the project "Development of In-silico Strategies To Advance the 3Rs in Toxicity Testing", where I contributed to a tool to Refine, Reduce and Replace animal testing under the supervision of Vera van Noort (CMPG/KULeuven) and advisory of Helena Caria (FCUL/IPS).

Currently, I'm a student from the MSc on Evolutionary and Developmental Biology at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon (FCUL), and I am developing my thesis at the Population and Conservation Genetics of the Gulbenkian Science Institute (IGC). My project, "Comparative demography of endangered species using genomic data", focuses on inferring the demographic history and populational structure of Mouse Lemurs (Microcebus) using the Structured Non-stationary Inference Framework (SNIF). My thesis supervisor at IGC is Lounès Chikhi and my FCUL supervisor is Margarida Matos (cE3c/FCUL).




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