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Maria Margarida Perestrello Ramos

Assistant Professor

Ecophysiology Plant water relations Membrane transport systems Communication Invasive species

I received a Ph.D. in Physiology from the University of Cambridge, U.K. in 1980.

At present I’m an assistant professor at the Plant Biology department at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon, where I’ve been involved with several courses related to physiology, cell and molecular physiology and ecophysiology.

My research interests are mostly in:

(1) Ecophysiology, particularly functional ecology in the context of plant water relations

(2) Plant phenology with a special focus on invasive species

(3) Cell and epithelial physiology; membrane transport systems and regulation in human health and pathological situations

I’m currently integrated in ESFE and collaborating with PSE research group

For several years I’ve been collaborating with the ESFE research group where I’ve been involved in ecophysiological studies of Mediterranean plant species underlying responses to environmental stresses (drought, temperature and light). In the context of global environmental changes and invasive species, I’m interested in understanding the plant functional traits and physiological mechanisms that allow plant living in a stressful habitat, like in Mediterranean sand dune ecosystems, together with the impacts of biotic and abiotic drivers in management of drought prone agro to agroforestry systems. So, I’m also trying to understand how invasive plant species establish and spread together with their subsequent ecosystem’s impacts and how to manage these.

Currently I’m involved in REALMed, an ARIMENT2 funded project, related to the topics of authenticity and valorization of Mediterranean food products; and also: “Using exotic biomass for post-fire recovery: Reuse, Regenerate and Reforest (R3forest)” – another funded project.

Communication is a transversal topic in physiology, so I’m also collaborating with the PSE group, looking at plant-microbiome interactions and the establishment of symbiotic networks as mechanisms underlying phenotype-environment possibilities. Therefore, contributing for the understanding of the role of soil ecology on plant productivity and eco and agro-systems

I’m also collaborating with the FunGP unit of the BIOISI Center in the context of “cystic fibrosis”, trying to better understand the underlying physiology in some pathological situations, and the contribution for the attempted design of corrective therapies.


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