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Plant-Soil Ecology - PSE

Marcos Pedlowski

External Collaborator

I received a Ph.D. in Environmental Design and Planning from the Virginia Polytechinc Institute and State University in 1997 and I am currently working in the Plant-Soil Ecology Group of cE3c. I am an Associate Professor at the Universidade do Norte Fluminense in northern Rio de Janeiro state, Brazil. My research topics over the last two decades focused on studies related to land cover and land use change in the Brazilian Amazon, and on environmental and human effects of pesticides utilization.

During this time I have been involved in studying the transformation of the landscape in the western Brazilian Amazon using remote sensing and field studies. I have also being involved in studying the modes of pesticides utilization by Brazilian small farmers.

My current research seeks to contribute to the existing knowledge on the roles that microorganisms can play in diminishing the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers and also on the improvement of agricultural yields.



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