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Island Biodiversity, Biogeography & Conservation - IBBC
Island Arthropod Macroecology

Marco Girardello

External Collaborator

I have received a Ph.D. degree in Biology from the University of Newcastle, Newcastle upon Tyne (UK) in 2009 and I am a member of the Island Biodiversity, Biogeography and Conservation research group (IBCC) of cE3c. I am currently working as a post-doc within the MACDIV project. My research interests span a number of different topics within the fields of macroecology and conservation biogeography. These include: i) explaining the distribution of species at large spatial scales from landscape to continental, and understanding the processes by which these distributions change over time ii) understanding the role of current and historical environmental conditions affect geographical patterns of biodiversity across large spatial scales. I also have a keen interest in the application of quantitative methods to ecology. As part of the MACDIV project I will be investigating how spatial, historical and environmental factors influence different facets of spider diversity across Macaronesia.




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