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Ecology of Environmental Change - eChanges

Juliana Mafalda Polido Monteiro

PhD Student

Bryophytes Biological soil crusts Functional diversity Ecosystem services Freshwater ecology

Juliana Polido Monteiro is conducting a Ph.D. in Biology by the University of Lisbon starting in 2018 within the Ecology of Environmental Change (eChanges) research group of cE3c. She is conducting the project “Functional ecology of moss-dominated biocrusts: towards the ecological restoration of degraded areas”, under the supervision of Dr. Cristina Branquinho (cE3c). Juliana’s Ph.D. project aims are to: (i) evaluate the effects of soil degradation on Biological Soil Crusts (BSC) taxonomic and functional diversity; (ii) identify the most relevant BSC functional traits to restore soil ecosystem processes in degraded environments; (iii) develop cost-effective methods to produce laboratory-grown moss-dominated BSC with high functional interest; and (iv) assess the effectiveness of transplanted laboratory-grown BSCs for enhancing and recovering soil structure and functions in vulnerable and/or degraded areas.


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