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Julia Bentz


sustainability science transformation transdiciplinarity education for regeneration art

With a background in interdisciplinary social sciences (PhD in Environmental Management and a Masters in Development Studies) I have worked on human-nature interactions in wide range contexts and areas including environmental management, climate change and transformation. My special interest has been community engagement and education for regeneration. Within my project Art For Adaptation and my recent book Creative Approaches to Climate and Peace Education - An Educators Guide for Using Storytelling and Art I explore the potential of art and story in education for transformation and as an engagement practice for diverse communities and social groups.
I am lead of a working groups of the Cost Action shift - social science and humanities for transformation and climate resilience.
I am part of project NBRACER – Nature-Based Solutions for Atlantic Regional Climate Resilience (HORIZON-MISS-2022-CLIMA-01) in which I lead a task on stakeholder engagement.


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