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José António dos Santos Pereira de Matos

Assistant Researcher

I received a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from the University of London (King’s College London) in 2002 and I am currently working in the Evolutionary Genetics Subgroup of Molecular Ecology and Evolution of cE3c. I am a researcher in Molecular Biology at INIAV (National Institute for Agrarian and Veterinarian Research). My research focuses on Plant Breeding and Plant Genetics.

For many years I have been involved in Biotechnology and the use of molecular markers for applied research.

I am the National delegate at SCAR (Standing Committee on Agricultural Research), an Advisory Group of the EC for agriculture and a national Representative of SRG (States Representative Group) at CBE JU (Circular Bio-based Europe Joint Undertaking)

I am also in charge, at INIAV, of a service for genetic analysis such as animal paternity testing mostly for cetacean and dogs and for plant genetic profiling in plants, such as eucalyptus.

I am a certificate trainer for Biology and I have provided training for High-School teachers in Molecular genetics, where I have produced a Molecular genetics kit (Biogenius) for practical classes at secondary school level, which has been awarded with the Ciência Viva prize 2015 in Education.

Presently I am involved in the European Project RefreSCAR, (Improved coordination of National European bioeconomy research and innovation programmes in the ERA through strengthened SCAR Working Groups), as a WP leader. (this project ends on 31-08-2027)


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