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Bats and Birds in Natural and Semi-Natural Ecosystems
Tropical and Mediterranean Biodiversity - TMB

Jorge Coimbra

MSc Student

Conservation Tropical ecology Africa Bats

Daniel Coimbra is conducting a MSc in Conservation Biology by the University of Lisbon starting in 2021 within the Tropical and Mediterranean Biodiversity group of cE3c. he is conducting the thesis "Conserving biodiversity and enhancing food security: insectivorous bats as potential suppressors of rice pests in Guinea‐Bissau (West Africa)", integrated in the "Eco Pest Supression" Project, under the supervision of Ana Rainho (FCUL). Daniel' MSc aim is to assess the potential contribution of bat‐mediated suppression of insect pests of rice in Guinea Bissau, by: 1) assessing which species of insectivorous bats regularly forage on rice fields relative to surrounding habitat types, 2) determining which traits characterize species that use rice crops and 3) identifying landscape features that may attract insectivorous bats to rice fields.



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