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João Afonso Serafim

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Mediterranean drylands Desertification Climate change

João Serafim has graduated in the master Biology of Plant Resources from the School of Agriculture of the University of Lisbon in 2019. His master’s work focused on the influence of microclimatic in the first stages of the establishment of Holm oak in Mediterranean drylands. The highlight of his work was to plan forestation and ecological restoration with a high spatial resolution to ensure greater success, even more so with the difficulties brought by climate change.

He participated as a grant research holder in the project “Assessoria Técnica e Investigação Científica para a Gestão adaptativa de ecossistemas baseada na avaliação da resiliência de mais de 30 anos de Restauro Ecológico na Secil-Outão”.

As an external collaborator of cE3c, João is working on projects of assessment and rehabilitation of woodlands in southern Portugal. Focusing mainly on the effects of climate change, land use and management on the vegetable cover and ecosystem services.



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