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Joana Isabel Alberto Abreu

External Collaborator

I am conducting a PhD at the University of Reading and University of Lisbon, with the collaboration of Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, having started in 2011. The project has been developed under the supervision of Dr. Julie Hawkins (School of Biological Sciences, University of Reading), Dr Helena Cotrim (Ce3C) and Dr. Michael Fay (Royal Botanic Gardens Kew), within the group of Natural History and Systematics of Ce3C.

It focuses on plants from the complex O. fusca s.l., with the global aims of assessing genetic diversity and differentiation of populations, as well as introgression and gene flow (indirect estimates), using microsatellites as molecular markers. A set of morphological traits is also being assessed, with the purpose of finding if any particular morphological trait can be associated to pollination success.

Previous areas of research include botany systematics and vegetation ecology.

My scientific interests are also focused in vascular plants scientific collections, being the study of herbarium specimens from Angola a previous working area.


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