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James Kemp

PhD Student

Bats Agriculture Ecosystem services Pest suppression Malawi

James is a PhD BIODIV student (2016 - 2020) and is interested in tropical bat ecology and conservation. His thesis will explore how insectivorous bat communities can help mitigate the impacts of pest outbreaks in tropical agroecosystems. He studied a Zoology BSc at the University of Nottingham, U.K and a Biodiversity and Conservation MSc at the University of Leeds focusing on insectivorous bat communities in rice and coffee dominated fragmented rainforest in the Western Ghats, India. Recently worked as a Biodiversity Conservation Assistant for the IUCN Global Species Programme at IUCN Brussels on three European Red Lists for Bees, Marine Fishes and Medicinal Plants. Previously worked for: the Environment Agency; Marine and Fisheries Agency (DEFRA), Operation Wallacea as a bat scientist in Guyana; Gola Rainforest National Park with the RSPB in Sierra Leone on a conservation management internship; ZSL and the University of Cambridge in Ghana investigating filovirus seropositivity in Eidolon helvum and Epomorphorus gambianus.


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