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Jailson Mendes

PhD Student

Endemic species Climate change Cape Verde

Jailson Emilio Monteiro Mendes is conducting a Ph.D. in biology/3CBIO by the University of AZORES starting in 2023 within the Centre for Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Changes. He/She is conducting the project The Impact of Climate Change on Cape Verde's Endemic Flora and Fauna, under the supervision of Paulo AV Boreges/Azorean Biodiversity Group. The project aims are:

Understanding the effect of climate change on Cape Verde's endemic fauna and flora.
Analyzing historical climate data to identify trends in changing climatic conditions in Cape Verde over recent years.
Use ecological niche models to project how climate change will affect the distribution and abundance of endemic species.
Propose adaptive conservation strategies that include measures to protect and conserve endemic species threatened by climate change.



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