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MITE2: Multidisciplinary Investigation Targeting Ecology and Evolution

Inês Costa Pereira

PhD Student

I have found in agroecology the answer for my non-linear path.

I have a degree in landscape arquitecture and, for some time, I’ve worked in landscape projects (in Lisbon and Alentejo) and landscape management research projects (in Évora University), but then I realized my interest in the intervention at different levels of society to promote sustainable behavior and development. At that time, I´ve worked with children from 3 to 12 years old and with unemployed adults on several environmental projects. These experiences led me to deepen my knowledge with a postgraduation in pedagogy from the Open University. Back in academia, I have worked as science manager in Professor Teresa Pinto Correia Landscape Ecology research group in Évora University (EU) where I reconnect with the agroecosystems, focus on the importance of family farms and of the transdisciplinarity. While working in EU I kept my activities with a direct impact in the community, by joining the citizenship network of Montemor-o-Novo. And these activities led me to search for academic training in citizenship in the Master program on Participation and Environmental Citizenship of Open University. Back in Lisbon in 2017, I started my collaboration with CampOvivo (citizens' movement in Campo de Ourique).

In 2019, I joined Mite2, the Research Group of Professor Sara Magalhães at cE3c-FCUL, where I started the Caravana AgroEcológica (CA) project- that seeks to strengthen the relationship between farmers, consumers, and researchers through agroecology. In Caravana AgroEcológica I am responsible for the structure and implementation of several of its initiatives as the Farmers Open Days, the Routes or the group discussion of public policies related with agroecology.

Presently, and to further consolidate my knowledge in agroecology, I´m doing my PhD student, focus on the agroecological transition of family farms at CERNAS (Center for the Study of Natural Resources, Environment and Society in Viseu Polytechnic Institute) while continuing to collaborate in CA's initiatives.



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