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Hala Shahin

PhD Student

Food sovereignty Family farmers Climate change

Hala Shahin is conducting a Ph.D. in Climate Change and sustainable development policies by the University of Lisbon starting in 2014 within the climate change research group of cE3c. She is conducting the project A new paradigm for food sovereignty under the 2030 sustainable development goal, case studies: Panama, Costa Rica, El Salvador, and Dominican Republic under the supervision of Gil Penha-Lopes, Postdoctoral Fellow. Hala Shahin Ph.D. project aims are:

1. To examine to what extent food sovereignty is incorporated in food policies in Panama, Costa Rica and El Salvador.

2. to describe the state of the family farmers in Panama, Costa Rica and El Salvador and to examine the differences between the perspective of the family farmers and of the policymakers in this regards.

3. To analyse the institutionalization of the 2016 food security and sovereignty law in Dominican Republic.



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