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Conservation in Socio-Ecological Systems - CSES
Carnivore Conservation Ecology

Gonçalo Machado Matias

PhD Student

I am conducting a Ph.D. in Biodiversity, Genetics and Evolution (BIODIV) by the University of Lisbon starting in 2022 within the Carnivore Conservation Ecology research subgroup of cE3c. I am conducting the project “Forest Certification as a tool to preserve mammal biodiversity in exotic forestry plantations”. My Ph.D. project aims to:
1) Assess the efficacy of FSC certification to promote EP’s use by mammals and as a tool to assure biodiversity persistence.
2) Understand how the structure, composition, landscape configuration, and disturbance of certified and non-certified EP affect the use patterns and ecological role of mammals.
3) Determine the small-scale movement and activity patterns of the mesocarnivores and how these are shaped by the vegetation structure, resource availability, and disturbance patterns of certified and non-certified EP.
4) Perceive the attitudes and motivations of managers and general public towards forest certification.
5) Use the collected data to structure efficient conservation and management guidelines to promote the compatibilization of conservation values and production profitability.
This project has supervision from Luís Miguel Rosalino, from Department of Animal Biology at Lisbon University, and Francesca Cagnacci from Department of Biodiversity and Molecular Ecology at Edmund Mach Foundation, Italy.


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