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Animal Biodiversity, Evolution and Systematics
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Cristiane Bastos Silveira

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I hold a PhD in Zoology, University College London (2003), and an MSc in Animal Conservation, University of Lisbon (1998). I am currently working in the Natural History & Systematics Research Group (NHS) of cE3c.

For many years I have been using and promoting natural history collections as biodiversity libraries and a key platform for public engagement on social and scientific questions. I employ classical and geometric morphometry, molecular genetics, and informatics for biodiversity.

I am highly engaged with digital transformation processes that lead to open access to education and data. My projects run in collaboration with researchers from Mozambique, Brazil, the United States, and several countries in Europe.

Currently, my research is driven by three overarching objectives: i) assemble, analyse, and disseminate data from Mozambique's fauna aiming to conservation decision-makers; ii) use primary biodiversity data to understand public health crises, and iii) promote scientific data and digital literacy aiming at social inclusion.


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