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Cláudia de Mendonça Costa Synek Listopad

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Claudia Listopad graduated with a dual B.S. in Ecology and Marine Biology, Ms. Listopad went on to pursue her M.S. in Ecology at Florida Tech, Melbourne. Her research focused on the "Vegetational Changes, Fire History and Human Impact During the Last 6000 Years: A Paleoecological Study of the Madre De Dios Province, Lowland Peru." After completing her degree with coursework emphasizing statistical analyses, paleoecology, and conservation biology, Ms. Listopad started working at a private consulting firm as an environmental scientist. At GPI Southeast, Inc. (formerly known as Berryman &  Henigar), Ms. Listopad specialized in high-level statistical and geospatial analyses for ecological studies and water resources.

Claudia Listopad is also a graduate of the doctoral program in the Conservation Biology, Applied Track Program at UCF. Her dissertation topic was: "Applications of Airborne and Portable LiDAR in the structural Determination, Management, and Conservation of Southeastern Pine Forest."

Her interest focuses on the application of cutting edge remote sensing technology to conservation and natural resource management. Dr. Listopad specializes in the application of GIS, remote sensing, and statistical analyses to complex data sets, particularly those related to natural resource management. In addition, she focuses on data management of spatial and non-spatial datasets, stormwater spatial and geodatabase support experimental design, and ecological field assessments when addressing ecological questions


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