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Local adaptation in Drosophila

Ana Sofia Carromeu dos Santos

External Collaborator

I have a Bachelor's degree in Biology and a Master's degree in Evolutionary and Developmental Biology, both from the prestigious Faculty of Science at the University of Lisbon. During my studies, I had the opportunity to conduct research in the Adaptation Biology & Ecological Processes group at CESAM-Lisboa, where I developed a strong understanding of the mechanisms that drive evolution and adaptation in living organisms.

In addition to my academic achievements, I have been actively involved in student organizations throughout my academic career. I played a key role in founding the Biology Student's Association (NEBFCUL) at FCUL, where I served as president for two years. I also worked as a coordinator of the pedagogical and educational policy department for the Student's Association of the University of Lisbon (AEFCL). These experiences have honed my leadership, organizational, and communication skills, which have been invaluable in my research and outreach work.

Speaking of outreach, I spent a year working in Science Communication at the Communication Office at Ciências ULisboa, where I gained valuable experience in translating complex scientific concepts into accessible language for a general audience. Later, I worked as a researcher in the Local adaptation in Drosophila subgroup (RG Evolutionary Ecology) for the ADAPTCLIMWARM project at the Centre for Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Changes (cE3c), where I continue to collaborate.

Currently, I am pursuing a PhD in Biology and Ecology of Global Changes at the Centre for Environmental and Marine Studies (CESAM-Lisboa). My research focuses on understanding the impact of rodenticide resistance in pest control and evaluating the secondary poisoning in wildlife. My goal is to use my expertise to develop sustainable and effective pest control strategies that minimize harm to non-target species and ecosystems.




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