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Terceira, Azores, Portugal


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Ana Luísa Coderniz Picanço

External Collaborator

environmental education, internet, biodiversity, Azores

I received a Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Landscape Management from the University of Azores in 2018 and I am currently working in the IERS of cE3c within the project “Field Guide: Designing Mobile Interactive Tools for Place-Based Learning” (ref. PTDC/CED-EDG/31182/2017). My research focuses on environmental education, citizen science, conservation and island biology.
For many years I have been involved on the land uses change impact in pollination networks research using as model system Terceira Island (Azores) land uses, insect pollinators and flowering plant species.
I am also involved in some school activities explaining biology and ecology of Azorean bees and promoting awareness of bees importance.

My current research is driven by three overarching objectives: (i) to establish an improvement in the levels of scientific, conservation and environmental literacies amongst children and youth living in the Azorean archipelago; (ii) to demonstrate that technology can support more active and meaningful experiences for those who participate in educational projects that are contextually situated, by involving students in the exploration of their immediate environment; and (iii) to help developing a scientific regional curriculum that draws on recent pedagogical innovations with the work that will be developed in the context of the Azorean public school system.


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