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Plant, lichen and fungi systematics, biogeography & conservation genetics
Natural History & Systematics - NHS

Anabela dos Santos Martins

PhD Student

Bryophytes Lichens Taxonomy Modelling Conservation Monitoring

Anabela Martins is conducting a PhD in Biodiversity, Genetics and Evolution (BIODIV) by the University of Lisbon, with a scholarship from Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (2020.06119.BD). Her PhD thesis aims to answer the question of to what extent Macaronesian unisexual bryophytes exhibit a spatial segregation of the sexes and predict what environmental variables can shape such segregation under current and future climate regimes, respectively. Her supervisors are Professor Manuela Sim-Sim from cE3c, and Professor Jairo Patiño from University of La Laguna.




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