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Aducabe Mendonça Bancessi

PhD Student

ADUCABE MENDONÇA BANCESSI is conducting a PhD in Tropical knowledge and Management (TropikMan) by the School of Business and Economics of Nova University of Lisbon (Nova SBE), starting in 2017. He is conducting the project called "A water treatment strategy using Moringa oleifera to prevent waterborne diseases in Guinea-Bissau", under the supervision of Teresa Nazareth, Elizabeth Duarte, Aladje Balde, Luís Catarino (cE3c) and affilited to Nova SBE, Carcavelos Campus. His PhD project aims are: To record the the uses of Moringa oleifera in Guinea-Bissau; To know current water treatment strategies using Moringa oleifera; To find waterborne diseases' hotspots areas in Guinea-Bissau; To know the most frequent and the most pathogenic organisms responsible for waterborne diseases present in 3 different of drinking water sources in waterborne disease hotspots;To match and select the optimal water treatment strategy using M. oleifera, if any, for at least one drinking water sources; To test its efficacy in the laboratory and its aplicability in the field in Guinea-Bissau.


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