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Adriel Rodrigues

External Collaborator

My commitment to always innovate through Science and technology to be more efficient has given to me opportunities that I believe can be widespread. Since I'm 14 years old, I could try and commit mistakes to achieve my purposes. I've been entered at the college ( University of Brasília) 3 times, I've been done economics, Spanish language and digital marketing, I used to work with financial market and investments in a high position at Banco do Brasil until I could have a perception that something was going wrong there in my country. It was too dull to explore my desire to discover new opportunities as an entrepreneur being stuck in chains.

My current research is driven by the following overarching objectives: thinking and spreading solutions in the new economy with a great team, a remarkable and awarded circular economy project, urban farming technologies from IoT ( Internet of Things) devices and venture capitalists. Let's do it together because every time I worked with passion for a purpose that gave me great results. I invite you to know more about me at my Linkedin profile:



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