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Mariana Moniz Viveiros

PhD Student

Morella faya Laurus azorica anti-aging cosmetic products bioactive compounds

Mariana Moniz Viveiros is conducting a Ph.D. in Biology by the University of Azores starting in 2023 within the Natural Products and Applications group. She is conducting the project "Development of Cosmetic Products with Anti-Aging Effect from Morella faya and Laurus azorica extracts", under the supervision of Ana Maria Loureiro da Seca, cE3c - University of Azores; Maria do Carmo Roque Lino Felgueiras Barreto, cE3c - University of Azores; and Violante de Faria e Maia Pacheco de Medeiros, Phytosphera Azorica. Mariana Moniz Viveiros Ph.D. project aims are: a) Increase knowledge about the chemical composition of Laurus azorica and Morella faya; b) Evaluate the anti-aging potential of compounds present in these species; c) Identify compounds with potential application in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries; d) Develop more sustainable and greener methodologies for analyzing the chemical composition of plants; e) Develop formulations of cosmetic products with extracts discovered with proven anti-aging activity; f) Increase the economic value of native species and contribute to the conservation of biodiversity in the Azores and g) Enrich natural product databases with new structurally diverse compositions.



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