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Island Environmental Risks & Society - IERS

Catarina Isabel Marques da Fonseca

Post-Doc Researcher

socio-ecological systems governance ecosystem services resilience stakeholders&rsquo perception

Catarina Fonseca has a background in Environmental Biology and holds a PhD in Geography and Territorial Planning. Her research is dedicated to the governance and management of natural areas (such as protected areas, marine areas and beaches), trying to combine the natural and social perspectives. She participated in several research and conservation projects, including projects particularly focused on island systems.

Currently she is a post-doc researcher within the project MaCoBioS - Marine Coastal Ecosystem Biodiversity and Services in a Changing World (2020, 2024), under the supervision of Artur Gil. In this scope she supports the general development of the scientific tasks, integrating ecological, biological and socio-economic knowledge in a transdisciplinary approach. Main tasks include the assessment of marine socio-ecological systems’ vulnerability under climate change scenarios and the evaluation of nature-based solutions.



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