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Conservation in Socio-Ecological Systems - CSES
Invasion Ecology

Bruno Miguel Calhau Correia Pinto

MSc Student

I am conducting my MSc in Conservation Biology by Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisbon, starting in 2020 within the Conservation in Socio-Ecological Systems group of cE3c. My thesis is about the decline of the Iberian Midwife Toad (Alytes cisternasii) during a 20 year period (2000-2020) in Herdade da Ribeira Abaixo, Grandôla, and its relation to the expansion of the invasive Red Swamp Crayfish (Procambarus clarkii), under the supervision of Dr. Rui Rebelo (cE3c/FCUL). My main interests are herpetology, reptiles and amphibian husbandry, invasive species ecology and impact, endemic species ecology, tropical ecology and conservation. I am also interested in environmental education, as it is essencial to conservation. 



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