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Bishwajit Roy

PhD Student

Sea level rise modelling Coastal areas Participatory action-research

Bishwajit Roy is conducting a Ph.D. in Climate Change and Sustainable Development Policies Programme by the University of Lisbon and University of Nova de Lisboa in collaboration with University of East Anglia starting in 2017 within Research Group of cE3c. I am conducting the project on Future Sea level rise and extreme climate events’ impact on Agriculture sector in Coastal area of Bangladesh and exploration of possible sustainable adaptation solutions, under the supervision of Prof. Gil-Penha Lopes, Investigacão, Faculty of Science, University of Lisbon.  Ph.D. project aims are:

1. To identify most vulnerable areas and explore associated risk and vulnerabilities for people living in coastal area through a risk cartography map under different SLR

2. To find out the existing adaptation strategies and effectiveness and drawbacks of those strategies with respect to current SLR for the respective areas.

3. To address sustainable adaptation solutions with respect to those risks and impacts through community level action research by considering the findings of former two objectives.




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