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Christoph Kueffer received a PhD in plant ecology and a habilitation in plant and global change ecology from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich. He is a professor of urban ecology at the University of Applied Sciences of Eastern Switzerland (FHO) and a lecturer (Privatdozent) at ETH Zurich. His research focuses on biodiversity conservation in novel and human-dominated ecosystems, and global change impacts on island and mountain ecosystems. Another interest is invasion biology, including as coordinator of the Mountain Invasion Research Network (MIREN, and research associate at the Centre of Excellence for Invasion Biology (CIB) in Stellenbosch (South Africa,


Christoph has for many years been involved in island research in the Seychelles, Mascarenes, Hawaii, and the Canary Islands. Amongst others, he coordinates a long-term research partnership between ETH Zurich and the Seychelles (, moderates the Island Conservation Network mailing-list (Islands-L, , and was one of the chairs of the first international Island Biology conference, 2014 in Honolulu (Hawaii,

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