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Patrícia Garcia-Pereira

Post-Doc Researcher

Biodiversity Citizen Science Entomology Science communication Ecosystem Services

My research career focus on Public Awareness of Science related with several areas, including Entomology, Nature Conservation or History of Science. Indeed, I have always been concerned in bridging the gap between research, its application and diffusion.

The research that I developed in my PhD thesis on Portuguese butterfly diversity (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, 2003) has not only contributed to the scientific knowledge on this group of insects, but also provided the basis to develop a future strategy to its conservation. The research leading to the thesis has focused on the history of lepidopterology, the distribution of species, and the patterns of biogeography and diversity, which enabled the definition of species conservation status and priority areas. A parallel training period at the Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales in Madrid complemented my formation. I spent a year working as a curator of the butterfly museum collection.

In 2004 I created the NGO Tagis – Portuguese Butterfly Center in the National Museum of Natural History and Science in Lisbon. I was committed to the development, coordination and management of projects and events related with environmental education and public awareness of science. I coordinated innumerous activities to bring science closer to society: special programs in schools, two scientific exhibitions (“Lagartagis” a butterfly house and “Butterflies Through Time”), guided visits to nature, scientific documentary, etc.

In 2009 I started the Biodiversity Stations Network project. In the same year I obtained a Ciência 2008 contract with the University of Lisbon for the position of Science Communication in Biodiversity and Nature Conservation at the National Museum of Natural History and Science. In nine years of professional activity at MUHNAC I developed educational activities, exhibitions, programs, collections, several projects financed by public and private funds, and coordinated for one year the Museum Image and Communication Service.

I was the leader of the museum’s commemorative programme for the International Biodiversity Year (Bioevents 2010), developed in partnership with the Centre for Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Change. For the first time in many years, the main institutions of the University of Lisbon devoted to biodiversity research and environmental education were working together in a public awareness project. The development of Insects in Order exhibition was the major challenge of the year. It was a very demanding curating work: for the novelty of the designed exhibition (like a labyrinth); dimension (600m2); the huge amount of information (insects are the most diverse group on earth) and the inclusion of biological specimens. Our effort was well rewarded by the public response and the excellent review published in Science, the prestigious international journal of natural sciences.

Supported by the programme O Mundo na Escola, from the Ministry of Education and Science, this exhibition has been travelling through Portugal where was presented in 13 different cities and had more than 43 000 visitors. For the itinerant program, we published the exhibition catalogue that has been distributed freely to the schools that visit us.  

In 2014 I started to work in cE3c to create the center’s Science Communication and Outreach Office. I had the privilege to be part of the beginning of the cE3c strategic programme 2015-2020 implementation: creation of the new image, website, diffusion materials, FCUL’s exhibition, and evaluation process. I am currently integrated in the Science Communication and Outreach Office to develop my post-doc research about Biodiversity Stations Network to promote Citizen Science in Portugal.


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