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Climate Change Impacts, Adaptation and Modelling - CCIAM

Inês Campos

Post-Doc Researcher

Inês Campos is a social scientist, graduated in Communication Studies, with an MSc in Political Science and International Relations, and a PhD in Climate Change and Sustainable Development Policies, in the specialty of Sociology. Her PHD research focused on addressing innovative approaches and developing frameworks build upon a convergence of methodologies from interdisciplinary research fields, with a particular attention to the role of action-research, scenario methods and new governance designs for promoting collective action towards sustainable development.  For the past four years, she has been a project manager and coordinated empirical research on bottom-up climate change adaptation case studies in Portugal, developing and applying qualitative and quantitative participatory approaches.  Until 2011, she coordinated the UN Millennium Campaign in Portugal, working directly with a number of non-governmental organisations in promoting inclusive and sustainable societal change.