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Carla Alexandra Marques Ribeiro

Past Member

Carla A. M. Ribeiro is a PhD student in Evolutionary Biology at the University of Lisbon since 2011 within the CoBiG2 (Computational Biology & Population Genomics Group) of cE3c. She is developing a project entitled “Assessment of adaptive genetic variation in Cork Oak through a Candidate Gene and SSR approach”, under the supervision of Professor Octávio S. Paulo (cE3c, University of Lisbon) and Doctor Dora Batista (IICT/BIOTROP, CIFC - Centro de Investigação das Ferrugens do Cafeeiro).  Her research is currently focused on: (i) Assess patterns of population genetic diversity and differentiation by sequencing candidate genes described in other oak species, which exhibit adaptation-specific expression differences, and genotyping 10-15 informative microsatellite (SSR) loci, and compare neutral vs adaptive variation in an integrative analysis. (ii) Identify candidate genes and/or SSR loci putatively associated to phenotypic traits and spatial/environmental conditions through association/correlation tests. (iii) Study expression profiles of selected candidate genes/allelic variants by quantitative real-time PCR (qRT-PCR) in plants exposed to different levels of water stress.