My five most relevant publications are so far

1) Cacabelos, E., Martins, G.M., Thompson, R., Prestes, A.C.L., Azevedo, J.M.N. & Neto, A.I. (2016) Material type and roughness influence structure of intertidal communities on coastal defences. Marine Ecology-An Evolutionary Perspective, 37(4), 801-812.

2) Martins, G.M., Hipólito, C., Parreira, F., Prestes, A.C.L., Dionísio, M.A., Azevedo, J.M.N. & Neto, A.I. (2016) Differences in the structure and functioning of two communities: Frondose and turf-forming macroalgal dominated habitats. Marine Environmental Research, 116, 71-77.

3) Vaz-Pinto, F., Torrontegi, O., Prestes, A.C.L., Álvaro, N.V., Neto, A.I. & Martins, G.M. (2014) Invasion success and development of benthic assemblages: Effects of timing, duration of submersion and substrate type. Marine Environmental Research, 94, 1-8.

4) Martins, G.M., Patarra, R.F., Álvaro, N.V., Prestes, A.C.L. & Neto, A.I. (2013) Effects of coastal orientation and depth on the distribution of subtidal benthic assemblages. Marine Ecology, 34, 289-297.

5) Martins, G.M., Prestes, A.C.L. & Neto, A.I. (2013) Effects of density versus size on grazing by a key exploited herbivore. Vie et Milieu-Life and environment, 63(1), 35-40.