My two most relevant publications are so far

1) Hawkins, S.J., Vale, M., Firth, L.B., Burrows, M.T., Mieszkowska, N. & Frost, M. (2013) Sustained Observation of Marine Biodiversity and Ecosystems. Oceanography, 1, e101. DOI:10.4172/ocn.1000e101 (IF2013:2,99).

2) Vale, M., Cabral, H. & Andrade, F. (2010) Distribution and structure of the upper sublittoral macrobenthic communities of Tróia sand beaches (SETÚBAL, PORTUGAL) and their relationship with environmental factors. Journal of Environmental Monitoring, 12(4), 964-972. DOI:10.1039/b909025h(IF2010:1,99).