Conservation in Socio-Ecological Systems - CSES

Conservation in Socio-Ecological Systems - CSES

Invasion Ecology

The group includes 2 senior researchers, three Ph.D. students and one research grant holder. Until recently this group included two further PhD students, who have in the meantime successfully concluded their thesis. Starting as a group that studied mainly the impacts of invasive freshwater crayfish in amphibian communities, our interests have now a broader scope, but keeping the “herpetological” and “invasion ecology” main themes. Most of our fieldwork is also carried out in aquatic systems, with a main focus on temporary ponds.

Our herpetological background has also enabled some of us to start work on sea turtle ecology and conservation, a “minor” departure from the main group themes!

Currently, our research activity continues to be focused on several aspects of invasion ecology, trying to address several common subjects of this emerging discipline:

- Assessment of impacts of invasive aquatic animals, as well as of the responses from the native communities;

- Assessment of impacts of emergent diseases (most of them also the result of introductions/ expansions of pathogens out of their native ranges);

- Assessment of the interactions between invasives and climate change;

- Herpetofauna conservation ecology.