Evolutionary Ecology - EE

Evolutionary Ecology - EE

Evolutionary Ecology of Microorganisms

The ‘Evolutionary Ecology of Microorganisms’ Group includes 3 integrated members, including a leader holding an academic position and 2 post-docs. The group has 3 Ph. D. students.

Research projects pursued by the ‘Evolutionary Ecology of Microorganisms’ Group have focused in understanding i) the maintenance conditions of plasmids among bacterial populations, ii) the evolution of virulence; iii) the evolution of antibiotic resistance; (iv) the evolution of social behavior among bacteria; and (v) the role of parasites in the maintenance of hosts diversity in communities. The Group’s research activity involves experiments, computer simulations, bioinformatics (genomic analysis) and theoretical analysis of evolutionary and ecological mathematical models. The main model organisms involving experiments are bacteria (mainly Escherichia coli) and its parasites (bacteriophages and plasmids).