Psychological and cultural factors influencing antibiotic prescription

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  • Mar, 2023

Dionisio, F., Baquero, F. & Fuertes, M. (2023) Psychological and cultural factors influencing antibiotic prescription.

Trends in Microbiology, 31(6), 559-570. DOI:10.1016/j.tim.2022.12.010 (IF2022 15,9; Q1 Biochemistry & Molecular Biology)

Humans have inundated the environment worldwide with antimicrobials for about one century, giving selective advantage to antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Therefore, antibiotic resistance has become a public health problem responsible for increased mortality and extended hospital stays because the efficacy of antibiotics has diminished. Hospitals and other clinical settings have implemented stewardship measures to reduce antibiotic administration and prescription. However, these measures demand multifactorial approaches, including multidisciplinary teams in clinical settings and the education of professionals and patients. Recent studies indicate that individual factors, such as mother-infant attachment and parenting styles, play a critical role in antibiotic use. Also, macrocontextual factors, such as economic, social, or cultural backgrounds, may impact antibiotic use rates. Therefore, research aiming to ameliorate stewardship measures must include psychologically and sociologically based research.


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