Educação ambiental e outros modos de vida

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  • Nov, 2022

Sobral, M., Guimarães, M. & Arroz, A. M. (2022) Educação ambiental e outros modos de vida. Revista Trabalho Necessário, 20(43), 1-24. DOI:10.22409/tn.v20i43.55413.


From the civilizational crisis resulting from a mode of production that demonstrates its socio-environmental unsustainability, we propose to reflect on the training of environmental educators who are able to contribute to the transformation of this reality. We believe in the necessary radicality of the educational environment for the formation of this Educator, therefore, based on the formative proposal of the “ComVivência Pedagógica”, we seek to investigate the immersive possibilities in intentional communities (alternatives) as a conducive educational environment.


  • Educação ambiental e outros modos de vida Ana Margarida Moura de Oliveira Arroz Island Environmental Risks & Society - IERS