Azores chondrichthyes updated checklist

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  • Oct, 2019

Barreiros, J.P. & Azevedo, J.M.N. (2019) Azores chondrichthyes updated checklist. Universidade dos Açores. Dataset/Checklist.


This updated checklist of the Chondrichthyans already identified within the Azores EEZ follows the last revised version published by Barreiros & Gadig (2011). Although no new records are now registered the taxonomy has been updated. New information regarding the specific occurrence of the rare Odontaspis ferox was recently published (see Barcelos et al. 2018). As for the updated checklist of Azores’ Actinopterygii, the first comprehensive chondrichthyan checklist was published by Santos et al. (1997) and later updated by Porteiro et al. (2010).


  • Azores chondrichthyes updated checklist João Pedro da Silva Ramos Barreiros Island Marine Biology
  • Azores chondrichthyes updated checklist José Manuel Viegas de Oliveira Neto Azevedo Island Biodiversity, Biogeography & Conservation - IBBC