Introduction to marine algae: overview

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  • Dec, 2018

Neto, A.I. & Pinto, I.S. (2018) Introduction to marine algae: overview. Marine macro-and microalgae: an overview (ed. by F.X. Malcata, I.S. Pinto and A.C. Guedes), 1-19. CRC Press. ISBN:9781498705332.


The marine environment accounts for most of the biodiversity on our planet, while offering a huge potential for the benefit and wellbeing of mankind. Its extensive resources already constitute the basis of many economic activities – but many more are expected in coming years. This book covers current knowledge on uses of marine algae to obtain bulk and fine chemicals, coupled with optimization of the underlying production and purification processes. Major gaps and potential opportunities in this field are discussed in a critical manner.

The currrent trends pertaining to marine macro- and microalgae are explained in a simple and understandable writing style. This book covers a wide variety of topics, and as such it will be appropriate as both student text and reference for advances researchers in the field.


  • Introduction to marine algae: overview Ana Isabel de Melo Azevedo Neto Island Biodiversity, Biogeography & Conservation - IBBC