New methods for flood risk management

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  • Oct, 2016

Blöschl, G., Horváth, Z., Kiss, A., Komma, J., Nester, T., Perdigão, R.A.P., Viglione, A. & Waser, J. (2016) New methods for flood risk management (Neue Methoden für das Hochwasserrisikomanagement). Journal of the Austrian Engineers and Architects (Österreichische Ingenieur- und Architekten- Zeitschrift), 160 Jg., Heft 1-12/2015.

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Flood risk management has recently evolved from a focus on individual flood protection structures to a more integrated approach at the river basin scale that considers a diversity of management measures. Appropriate methods are needed to assist in the implementation of these measures. This paper reviews new methodological developments on the following themes: hazard mapping, large scale interactions of floods, residual risk (flood prevention); retaining water in the landscape, linear protection measures, flood retention (flood mitigation); public participation, outreach and education (awareness); flood warning, emergency plans (preparation); assessment of flood damage, event documentation (recovery). The new methods are intended to contribute to even more reliable and more efficient management of flood risks.


  • New methods for flood risk management Rui Perdigão Climate Change Impacts, Adaptation and Modelling - CCIAM