Echium nervosum. Boraginaceae

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  • Oct, 2018

Carvalho, J.A., Rico, L., Santos-Guerra, A., Duarte, M.C., Romeiras, M.M. & Francisco-Ortega, J. (2018) Echium nervosum. Boraginaceae. Curtis’s Botanical Magazine 35(1), 63-74.


The Madeiran endemic Echium nervosum W.T. Aiton is illustrated based on plants grown at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Its ecology; phylogenetic and taxonomic placement, and conservation status are discussed. Twenty-nine species of Echium are endemic to the Macaronesian Islands and they represent one of the most spectacular and best known examples of adaptive radiation on oceanic islands.


  • Echium nervosum. Boraginaceae Maria Cristina Duarte Plant, lichen and fungi systematics, biogeography & conservation genetics
  • Echium nervosum. Boraginaceae Maria Manuel Cordeiro Salgueiro Romeiras Environmental Stress & Functional Ecology - ESFE