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Animal Biodiversity, Evolution and Systematics
Natural History & Systematics - NHS

Roberto Andrés Keller Pérez

Assistant Researcher

Evolutionary biology Morphology Comparative anatomy Biological collections Ants

I received a PhD in Entomology from Cornell University, USA, in 2008 and I am currently working in the National Museum of Natural History and Science (MUHNAC, Lisbon University). My research focuses on the evolution of ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae), particularly with regards to the interaction between morphology and behavior during the group's diversification. My main source of data comes from scientific collections, and I'm currently working in the Insect collection of the MUHNAC.

I run various projects in collaboration with colleagues that are interested in understanding their ecological or morphological data in a phylogenetic context. For this purpose I use phylogenetic and comparative methods extensively, as well as looking at many different species from a wide geographical area.


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