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Orlando Guerreiro

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Orlando Guerreiro is conducting a Ph.D. in Biology by the University of Azores  starting in 2012 within the Azorean Biodiversity Group of cE3c. He is conducting the project “Termite species in the Azores. A holistic approach to the problem.” (Ref.ª M3.1.2/F/024/2011, DRCT), under the supervision of Paulo A. V. Borges (cE3c, Azores University), Lina Nunes (LNEC) and Maria Rosa Paiva (Faculty of Sciences and Technology, Universidade Nova de Lisboa).

Orlando Guerreiro Ph.D. project aims are: Understand the Cryptotermes brevisdynamics along time and space; Predict the probability of occurrence of the exotic termite species in the Azores; Detect, analyse and identify semiochemicals that might act upon the behaviour of C. brevis, serious and widespread pest.


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