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Nuno de Sousa Neves

External Collaborator

Exploratory spatial analysis Erosion and deposition Geographic modelling Landscape metrics Ecological and environmental covariates

I received a Ph.D. in Geography from the University of Barcelona in 1996 and I have a degree in Geography and Regional Planning, from the New University of Lisbon (1991).

I am Assistant Professor at University of Évora, responsible for subjects such as: Spatial Analysis; Modelling and Spatial Metrics; Geographic Modeling.

I am an External Collaborator in the Ecology of Environmental Change research group of CE3C.

My initial years of research (1991-1998), in the National Centre for Geographical Information (CNIG), were mostly dedicated to the development of decision support systems for territorial planning, with particular emphasis on environmental planning. This work was also related with the development of the National Infrastructure for Geographical Information of Portugal.

From 1998, my research activities started to be more related with the development of spatial analysis models applied to a significant range of subjects such as conservation biology, landscape ecology, hydrology, flood modelling, erosion/deposition processes, geomorphology, landscape and landform metrics or exploratory soil mapping.

Although the variety of application subjects, my research interests are essentially centred in the creation of new models and metrics based in geoprocessing tools, in order to produce environmental covariates for statistical exploratory data analysis and knowledge discovery processes.



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