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Environmental Stress & Functional Ecology - ESFE

Nasrin Seyedi

External Collaborator

I received a PhD in Forest Science in Natural Resources Engineering from Tarbiat Modares University in Iran in 2011.

I am currently Assistant Professor in Forestry Department of Urmia University in Iran from 2011. I have experience about teaching courses and I was supervisor of 10 master and 2 PhD students.

My current research interest relates with: 1) Ecophysiology of Forest trees: carbon stable isotope, water use efficiency, parasite plants, biotic and abiotic stress, and gender differentiation in ecophysiology of dioecious trees; 2) Quantitative genetics of forest trees: Progeny test, Heritability - Cytogenetic: Caryotype of Forest trees, Evolution of rDNA FISH patterns  

I have experience of lab works in genetic (such as DNA extraction, PCR and so on) and also I have been worked with some ecophysiological equipment’s during a sabbatical period in Centre for Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Changes in Lisbon University, Portugal, such as Isotope Ratio Mass spectrometry, Minipam, IRGA and Unispec.




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